Why Choose Mugged?

The mission of Mugged was explained vaguely in the last post, but now it's time to dig a bit deeper into what drives the work that's put into Mugged. The business was created to offer a creative and skill building job for me to earn money for college. As mentioned before, I'm a first generation students, which means my parents are pretty clueless about how college works or how in the world I'm going to pay for it. That's where Mugged comes in. Education is a privilege, but I firmly believe everyone should have access to it without the countless financial and emotional struggles it brings. That's exactly why 30% of Mugged profits are going towards a scholarship fund that will help relieve a portion of the financial burden. 

The larger Mugged gets, the more opportunities students will have to further their education. It might take time, but it's something worth working endlessly for. I want to pursue a career in Higher Ed and develop programs much like the first generation program I'm part of at my university and I'd like to help as many students as I possibly can. So join us on this mission to make the world a little better of a place one mug at a time.