About Mugged Store

Mugged, is more than just about Coffee & Tea Mugs. We want to make a positive impact on the lives of people, who want to pursue a "better" life than their family before.

Who are we?

My name is Don Duvall, and I am starting Mugged with the help of my little sister Anna Duvall. She needed money for college, and a summer Job. So I saved up some starting capital and am employing her over the summer, to start Mugged. (She is doing a Kick-A** Job at it too)

Read her side of the story here

What we do:

Why we do it:

In 2008 my life seemed to being going fairly well. I had been married for about a year, running a successful enough marketing and development company specializing in Stock and Real Estate. Within a few months, I lost the majority of my clients, and my dad passed away in a car accident on is way to work. He left behind two adult kids (Heaven & I), two young children (Anna & Sammy), and wife Beth. From that moment on, I knew that I had to make sure Anna & Sammy were taken care of, and that I did everything possible to afford them the opportunity to have a life that dad would have given them.

Well they are both pretty well grown up now, Sammy in High School and Anna in College. I needed to find a good way to keep them out of trouble, busy, and making some money. Why not start a business, and pay them to help? So that is why I do this. Once Anna and Sammy are out of College (or we are making enough to spread the love) Mugged will start reaching out and helping other kids with similar situations, and first generation students too.

Meet the Team :)