Scholarship Program

Mugged offers Scholarships to those who are trying to build a better life for themselves, their family, and everyone by extension; and would otherwise not be afforded the opportunity.

Unlike most "Scholarship" programs, we want you to not only receive much needed funding, but also work a little on ensuring future individuals will have the opportunity to receive funding from Mugged Store. We achieve this by requiring Scholarship Recipients to work part-time (without a schedule too) to help build out not only our Product Lines, but also to assist with Support, Sales, and Marketing functions.

You can think of this as a paid internship, for which you will have super flexible hours, and share in the profits (via the Scholarship)

We only have one scholarship program, however it has a couple of different branches to it:

  • College/University Scholarship
  • Trade School Scholarship

Criteria for selection.

To be considered for selection, you will need to demonstrate you are able to succeed in not only school but in a remote work environment, as you will be required to help out in specific functions of the operation of Mugged Store.

You are not required to know what you are doing, prior to receiving the Scholarship. 


College/University Scholarship

More details coming soon.


Trade School Scholarship

More details coming soon.